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Adding library to existing project 2 68 4 days 16 hours ago
by Automatyk18
The xTIMEcomposer User Guide doesn't seem to be up-to-date 1 71 4 days 22 hours ago
by mbm20
When is client interface unblocked? 2 55 5 days 6 hours ago
by gerrykurz515
How can I read the internal status and configuration registers using xgdb? 0 51 5 days 11 hours ago
by calger24
Unspecified elements in *.xn file 1 65 5 days 15 hours ago
by ffomich142

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MCP23017 is a I/O expander chip from Microchip Technology. It provides 16 I/O lines which are controlled over a I2C serial interface. More information on this chip is found here:
Example project for lib_lcd, lib_display_controller, lib_sdram, lib_i2c, lib_touch. (this one use interfaces bw tasks) It stores two video frame buffers (color 16bit 480x272), one (60x21) ascii screen memory, (8x8) fontset, and it draws rectangles. I...
xCore 200 eXplorerKit - Demo Webapp
  Application for demonstrating the integrated possibilities of the xCore 200 eXplorerKit. XTCP + Webserver accesible via Gigabit Ethernet Live streaming and Graphing of Accelerometer readings Toggle onboard RGB and Green LEDs via the web in...
This is just an example project of a simple midi stack and uart rx/tx component. The code was used in one of my previous project. This is a separated midi part, and probably not functional in this way really. I  plan to rewrite this code later o...
board variants
The goal of this project to collect kicad resources for xmos dev. platform boards, library, module and sample sch, boards will be provided. In more detail: design new prototype boards, design factory ready boards, reuse (in a new design) another...
oogely boogely