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8 Sounds USB

by Spyrolabs96

  • Status: Under development
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  • Licence: GPL
  • Last updated: 07/Nov/2011 at 04:49 PM

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Project Overview

The Mobile Robotics Laboratory and Intelligent Systems "IntRoLab" of the Université de Sherbrooke develops mobile robots performing and adapted to various environments. To this end, the laboratory has designed the system ManyEars, an artificial hearing system for a mobile robot to locate, track and separate sound sources in real time.
Its use requires a synchronous audio capture card. Although commercial audio acquisition cards are available, they are expensive, bulky, inefficient and too generic for the needs of ManyEars. Although functional, these cards do not meet the specific needs of mobile robotics and IntRoLab.

Have an synchronous audio capture card with low consumption and of a size similar to a credit card with 8 input channels and 2 output channels is our main goal. The first iteration of the project is a prototype of synchronous audio capture card with wiring diagrams, circuit board, full documentation and source code available under our source forge page.

XMOS is our platform of choice to process the I2S data and USB transmission. We are also looking for the USB audio Class and multi channel dev kit as our base.


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Comments / Updates


Please take note that our project is now on SourceForge.

Make sure to leave a comment and publish on social medias.


Localisation, separation, traking are good but what about classification?

Do you consider any audio classification skill in the ManyEars Project?

Congrats for this beautifull project


I am looking forward to see if everything works as expected for your 8 analog inputs. Posting an image directly to the xcore site would make the project more attractive.

Also, would be great to have a picture of the microphone PCB.

Keep on the good work.

We got all of 20 pcbs of microphones and should be ready to test the 8 acquisitions channels simultaneously this weekend. Let's cross fingers !

I will keep posting photos for the next week's of the prototype, presentation and some extras. Make sure to take a look :

on other websites and also on a wiki. It's good to see a project for it on here. I'd really like to see where this will go and what it's application could be, do keep it up!

I'm excited to see how the project turns out.

oogely boogely