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  • Licence: MIT
  • Last updated: 10/May/2010 at 04:38 PM

Project Overview

This is a small project I made in a few days during my Christmas vacation.
It's a 5x5x5 LED cube driven by two STP16CP05 LED drivers and controlled by an XK-1 board.

The LED cube consists of 125 LEDs organized in five layers with 25 LEDs in each layer.
Each of the 25 LEDs in each layer are controlled individually and the layers are time multiplexed.

The software consists of a LED controller and a "command set" used to easily create animations.

My initial plan was to implement PWM controlled LEDs to be able to have different intensity on each LED but I soon realized that my stripboard design could not handle the signal frequency required.

More information and a build log and can be found here.

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Can anyone help in guilding me bmw riding jacket how to get start build my own LED Cube?Any program that can use to design the LED moving pattern.Sam Flynn jacket

I suppose I just save all of my patterns and samples but I would rather it just not crash. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me, I've looked for a solution but can't seem to find any.-Missed Fortune

That's really cool. I've seen people create projects before with either static led signs or a simple "2-D" programmable led sign.

However, I've never seen anyone take advantage of depth and create anything like a 3D cube.

Would be really cool to scale this up into a life-sized model.

Great stuff and your project is really awesome. Really helpful for students like me who is interested in LED products and LED signs. Thumbs up for you.

Can anyone help in guilding me how to get start build my own LED Cube?

Any program that can use to design the LED moving pattern.


This is one of those projects you can expand upon when you need to liven up Xxmas.
Now with an XC3, hmmm...

This would be awesome with PWM... how about one with RGB LEDs?

I fancy one of those, so I'm designing a PCB for it. Here is the schematic:

I haven't checked it yet, so there might be some errors.

I'll create a separate project for it.

Neat project you have there i must say

This is awesome

oogely boogely