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Realtime Stereoscopic Camera Lens Correction

by Gravis297

  • Status: Under development
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  • Licence: GPL
  • Last updated: 26/Apr/2012 at 11:38 AM

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Project Overview

This is an inexpensive way to get a good quality realtime camera feed into your Pandaboard/BeagleBoard expansion port.

Purpose: To remove lens distortion from the incoming images for use on a Pandaboard with OpenCV.

Why XMOS: Timing and Concurrency. Interfacing with multiple camera modules requires accurate/consistent timing and must be done concurrently. If done serially, the images with be at slightly different times so if you are moving, they will be worthless for making a disparity/depth map.

Why XS1-G4: The algorithms are computationally intensive (especially without an FPU!) so it should require most if not all of the processing power of a XS1-G4. The two images are 2 bytes per pixel at a resolution of 320x240, so while they cant be 100% buffered, they can be mostly buffered.

Scalability: Due to the XMOS architectural design, this system can easily be scaled to use higher resolution images and/or a higher framerates. The bottle neck is the speed at which the images can be acquired from the cameras (port speed, port width and finally processor speed).

NOTE: This project is heavy on floating point computations, so if anyone would like to help by creating assembly code for software add/sub/mul/div/max/min operations for "float" and "double" types, that would be awesome.

Project Website

This project is big enough to have its own website - click here to view it.


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so this project got pushed back in light of i need to make monies. i currently have three other kickstarter projects lined up, so this is going to be delayed until summer 2013. :'(

oogely boogely