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Runtime Negotiation of Xlinks

by Paolomio241

  • Status: Public release
  • Downloads: 142
  • Licence: GPL
  • Last updated: 06/Dec/2011 at 10:20 PM

Version 1.1

Size: 6.63kb

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Project Overview

Source code to accompany my post "Runtime Negotiation of Xlinks". These routines allow you to configure 2-wire and 5-wire xlinks between devices that don't need to "know" about each other in advance. Such systems are boot-time configurable, allowing communication between devices that may connect via cables or plug-in cards, and thus unknowable in advance. This also illustrates the usage of Static Forwarding mode.

Update: Revision 1.1 adds a few defines that were missing from xlink.h, and adds a simple Wait() function that is needed by these routines.


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Comments / Updates


I've fixed this in the latest (1.1) release.


I just hit the Download latest build button for this project but was then unable to find the ZIP file.
Turns out that Firefox had saved it as "/home/me/Downloads/static-forward"

Seems that the uploaded ZIP has a space in the name "static-forward" which confuses things.

oogely boogely