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  • Last updated: 04/Oct/2010 at 11:52 AM

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Project Overview

TiddlyCubed/Tiddly3 is a project to create a much simplified, embedded version of the TiddlyWeb server-side targeted to the XCore platform. The end goal being to enable the construction of low power, high performance, scalable network appliances ("TiddlyCube") which expose a robust HTTP API for storing and accessing content on the Web. See the TiddlyCubed Wiki for more information.


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Comments / Updates


Are you contemplating porting Python to XMOS?

Would be nice, but that seems a tall order. At least there would be a bunch of standard libs that would be stubbed out.


No Probs, let me know how you get on, worth keeping your eye on the projects as well as OpenThreads to make sure it will run with them.

Hi Al,

We decided to start using the XC-2 as it's available now, but would be very interested in evaluating Amino/Netstamp once available - sounds like a great project.

Hi Andy

This is a very cool idea, how about using Amino and NetStamp as your reference platform on which to develop TiddlyWeb as it has all of the resources you will need

oogely boogely