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XLogic the logic analyser

by Berni1438

  • Status: Alpha
  • Downloads: 376
  • Licence: Please contact author for terms
  • Last updated: 31/Jan/2010 at 09:43 AM

Version 0.1

Size: 458.67kb

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Project Overview

This is logic analyzer project i started a while ago. It can use a xmos dev board to capture signals.

Main feature of the GUI is that its easy to use. You can simply drag the waveform around or drag the view window in the minimap below. Zoom is done using the mouse wheel. Channels can be assigned custom names or colors and also other colors are selectable. To communicate with the board it uses the XTAG programming interface and can automatically find the correct port.

The software is for now pretty crude and needs the basic functions to be finished, but in the future more advanced stuff is planned for it like communication decoding and terminals.

PC side software now available for download.The archive contains the 2008 source code and the compiled exe along with a example waveform savefile so you can open it and have a look (test.xwf)

If you find a bug just say it and il try to fix it.

:Click here for a bigger screenshot


Verified to run on

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Comments / Updates


I think I'm missing something here...
I see your GUI in the project files but no mention of the xmos part... running on the xs chip...
Do you "released" that code too? Would it be possible to get a copy? Where/how?


Its also open source so you can look in the code for details not covered in the Protocol page. Also if it can be improved I am sure they would accept changes..

Well it might be quite a good idea, but the protocol is not described that extensively and it looks pretty crude. I like to authenticate everything that gets transfered to make sure its good.

I might make the software work with multiple protocols if i get my hands on another analyzer that i can test with.

Hi Berni love the look of the GUI.

Have you considered using the Sump protocol:

By doing so your software could also use other Logic analyser boards, so its well worth considering especially since you need a protocol.

*Update - also others could build Xmos boards compatible with it.

check out an example board - from Dangerous Prototypes


Thanks, well that drop down will be autogenerated when i get to that, the device will tell it what sample rates it supports.

Great work buddy! Noticed a typo in the rate drop down... 50Mhu supposed to be 50Mhz heh

I love it heh

Its all done with, no extra stuff used.


Very cool project indeed.
What libraries did you use for the GUI?

Keep up the good work!

Well il try to make it go 100Mhz.

As for the communication its just the XTAG plugged in to the XC-2 directly, with no modifications at all. The software then uses it like a normal virtual com port.

Big most of the work went in to this fancy GUI.

... with a Windows GUI as well :)

Can it sample up to 100 MHz ??

The ideá with using the XTAG for USB com. has not struck my mind earlier.
Can it be used without changing anything on the XTAG ?
What does VB see on its side - an UART ?

oogely boogely