Building a 3 port 100Mbps IsoGrid switch using an xCORE-200 XL216-512-TQ128

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Building a 3 port 100Mbps IsoGrid switch using an xCORE-200 XL216-512-TQ128

Postby phasemage » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:15 pm

CrowdSwitch is a future hardware product built using the IsoGrid protocol. When wired together they form a streaming, scalable, mesh network.
Our initial plan is to give low cost (or free) CrowdSwitches to low income residents of extremely high-density urban communities. The best funding model still isn't clear, but we intend to build it within a 501(c)(3) organization to make our altruistic motives super clear.
  • 4-port auto-configuring switch
    • 3x RJ45 ~100 Mbps full-duplex ethernet PHY with 1ms worst-case switching latency
    • 1x internal SPI connection to an onboard SoC with 8ms worst-case switching latency
  • The core of the switch is an xCORE-200 XL216-512-TQ128
  • Onboard SoC with ~512MB of RAM, ~4GB of flash, and able to create a wireless hotspot
  • Target (bulk) BOM cost is ~$20.
The Wi-Fi part will be able to work in one of two modes:
  1. Providing Internet access to a user
  2. Connecting to a regular Wi-Fi Internet access point
The IsoGrid formed by the interconnected mesh of CrowdSwitches provides a redundant multi-path backbone to connect nodes operating in Mode #1 to nodes operating in Mode #2.

I've open-sourced the code for the switch at:
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Postby andrew » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:28 am

This is really cool. Thanks
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Postby FrederickH » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:20 pm

Great project, I hope you succeed. Have you considered Kickstarter for funding, Phasemage?

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