Basic Motor Control (Stepper, DC)

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Basic Motor Control (Stepper, DC)

Postby richardf » Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:30 am

Version: 0.1
Status: Under development
License: Custom Licence

Examples to provide basic motor control functionality.

Current features include:


  • Microstepping (Full step to 1/256 microsteps)

  • Basic current limiting, to allow driving motors at higher than their rated voltage

  • Current monitoring in motor windings using the ADC

DC Motor:

  • Velocity ramping

  • PWM speed control using the sc_pwm component available on github

  • Quadrature encoder feedback

  • PID control loop for constant speed control

Bugs are still being fixed and features being added.

Update 21/10/2011- PHALT: We've made some demonstration videos for this project as it was completed in the XMOS office, enjoy!Video:

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Postby henrychou » Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:10 am

Sorry for a question for motor control appliance.
I had download the reference files "".
However, the source file are not include "watchdog.h", "pwm_singlebit_port.h", and "adc_7265.h"
For this compiler error issue, I add on the old version with "".
But it's still error for "case inct_byref(c_trig, ct):". I think that it's the problems for "architecture does not support selecting with `__builtin_inct_byref'".
How can I do, if I want to fix the problems?
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Postby henrychou » Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:35 am

Hi! Phalt:
Nice to get your message.
I am an engineer. I work for Quadrep Taiwan which agent XMOS's production in Taiwan.
We have a project for step motor appliance in CAM's motor (auto focus control). By the way, we get the motor SDK from XMOS in Taiwan.
At before, we got the training from Larry Snizek on September in Taipei. For development reason, I join the xcore's forum.
And search the sample code for DC and step motor. After I down load the sample code. I found some problems for the project files when I use XDE (Ver11.2.2).
I know that the zip files are not include these head and xc files that I had told. I had tried to update these files by the file server.
However, the compiler still has the error for "architecture does not support selecting with `__builtin_inct_byref'"
in line140 (adc_7265.xc)
case (int trig=0; trigthis staement.
I don't know how to fix it. Would you like to explan that how to fix it?

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