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xmos cpld slice

Postby myndideal » Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:36 pm

Version: 1
Status: Just an idea
License: LGPL
Download: https://bfarago.github.io/xmos_cpld_slice/

Reconfigurable xmos slice extender.

The goal of this project to design a slice extender board, which contains non-volatile reprogrammable cpld to connect io lines as required. The configuration can be written in verilog or similar vhdl laguage, and a new config downloadable on the cpld's own jtag port.

Help and ideas needed:

  • How to use xmos jtag chain for programming a cpld ? Is it make sense ?

  • May be... Build a "hw in a loop" test system. 1) The cpld pins accessable trough jtag while normal operation... 2) some stimulator imp. may fit in a cpld too...

  • Ideas ? Pros, cons ? 


KiCad Design on progress... 


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