Poor Webserver Performance

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Poor Webserver Performance

Postby DemoniacMilk » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:57 am


I am recently expriencing very poor perfomance when using the webserver library provided by xmos.

Many requests are not handled at all (periodic request for some data every 2 seconds):

or in batches after a very long time:

Transfering data over TFTP doesnt work either, when the web pages are not loading.
Sometimes, after a lot of the web requests are suddenly processed, TFTP works fine, so does loading web pages. (load time down to ~400 ms for a page load of 5 files (html, css, js, 2 images)).

I think the problem is located somewhere in the TCP stack? Maybe it is getting stuck?

Another problem i have using the webserver library: Whenever multiple files are loaded (html --> CCS+JS) the second file requested is not loaded properly:
I have tried different names, sizes and types and changed the overall number of files to be loaded, the problem is always occuring with the second file (first file that is included in the html file).

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