Audio/Video de-/encoding on xcore devices

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Audio/Video de-/encoding on xcore devices

Postby DemoniacMilk » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:07 pm


I like the flexibility of XS2 devices, but im not sure if these are well suited for the task. Maybe you guys can help me to find out if an xcore is well suited for the task at hand:

Project Requirements:
  • Some standard camera interface
    • I have seen xcore applications using camera modules on YouTube but could not find any related software
  • Audio In (mic), audio out (speaker)
    • e.g. TDM Mic for input, Small I2S Audio Codec/Amp for output
  • Audio/Video de/encoding
    • are there any Video and Audio de/encoding libraries for the XE2 devices? 480p Video (MJPEG or H.264) on >=20 FPS + mono audio required

Especially video de/encoding is important for me. There are a few ICs out there that come with hardware de/encoders including the software needed (e.g. TI DaVinci) that we could switch to, but i'd like to know if this is possible using xcore devices.


edit: I need a lot of fast memory as well, so I guess the xcore devices are not ideal for this purpose?

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