MSC of chan instructions in use

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MSC of chan instructions in use

Postby aclassifier » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:45 pm

Is there a good "compiler writer's guide" to how channel communication is done in assembler? I think that 12 Communication of David May's The XMOS XS1 Architecture (2009) is closest? I can also find something in 11 Channel Communication in XC Specification (2011).

But I find it difficult to read those documents. Partly because they're not really written for a common XC programmer who wants to know some about what's going on under the hood. So I have now compiled app_mutual_comm_example that uses module_mutual_thread_comm that has a lot of comms and :> and <: examples. I have studied the .s assembly files and made some figures (that I don't dare publish here). But here's some added comment I made that i really don't understand:

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// Summary by analysing main.s:
// c <: val; OUT chan ASM: outct, chkct, out, outct, chkct
// c :> x;   IN  chan ASM: chkct, outct, in,  chkct, outct

And then I read

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// "The XMOS XS1 Architecture" (David May), chapter "Communication" p23:
//   To perform synchronised communication, 
//   the output message should be followed with (OUTCTI c, END; CHKCTI c, END) and
//   the input with (CHKCTI c, END; OUTCTI c, END).

I think that app_mutual_comm_example would be such a great example of an MSC since it has both :> and <: and token comms etc.

What's so elegant is that every assembler instruction in mutual_thread_comm.xc takes a chan as a parameter! There's no magic system state there!

I have edited some in the files, like:

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void mutual_comm_notified(chanend c) // select handler
  (void) inct(c);       // in control token: __builtin_inct(c)
  outuchar(c, 1);       // out unsigned char, different from input (:>) and output (<:) operators: __builtin_out_uchar(c, val)
  outct(c, XS1_CT_END); // out control token: __builtin_outct(c, val)
  chkct(c, XS1_CT_END); // in control token of value. __builtin_chkct(c, val)

but I am only scratching the surface!

Also, the rationale for how mutual_thread_comm.xc is built. When I designed the XCHAN [1] some years ago it was certainly necessary to make it deadlock free. I guess that the reason for making the concept asymmetrical with ReactiveMaster and NotifyingSlave is not to introduce cycles, so i'ts deadlock free?

Summary: somebody please make an MSC of all chan usage in app_mutual_comm_example and mutual_thread_comm? Or hold my hand?


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