xTimeComposer becomes slow when not connected to Internet

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xTimeComposer becomes slow when not connected to Internet

Postby BEBDigitalAudio » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:32 pm

Hi everybody,

I am facing a very strange problem with xTimeComposer 14.3.2 Community on Windows: the compiler becomes awfully slow when the machine is not connected to Internet.
The project I am working on is quite big (around 100 source files to compile, with Ethernet, I2C, etc... libraries)

When I compile the project with the computer connected to Internet, the project takes 55s to compile completely (after a clean to force a full compilation). If the computer is not connected to Internet, the same compilation process takes at least 9 minutes!!!
Even worse : if the computer NIC is connected to the target I am working on, xTimeComposer can freeze completely : it stays blocked at following step

Checking build modules
Using build modules: lib_ethernet(3.3.0) lib_gpio(1.1.0) lib_locks(2.0.3) lib_logging(2.1.0) lib_xassert(3.0.0)

and does not even start the Analysis.
Apparently, when xTimeComposer sees an active network connection, it wants absolutely to connect to the Internet, even if this connection does not go to the web...

Anybody has an idea about the reason the compiler is acting like this? And is there any workaround to say to xTimeComposer not to try to reach the Internet ?


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