HIFI USB to Coaxial (Digital to digital)

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HIFI USB to Coaxial (Digital to digital)

Postby ziv123 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:53 pm


I'm starting out in this field.
I purchased an old meridian (561M) and I want to create an interface with my PC.
Meridian rear view:
User manual:

I would like to transmit digital information from a PC.
I wish to do a Dirac LIVE calibration, and if possible multi-channel information.

The question is which XMOS product best fits the task?
A friend of mine recommended this product to me:
"XMOS XU208 Asynchronous USB digital converter DSD Upgrade SITIME Crystal"

Do you think this is relevant?

Maybe this could be more appropriate:
"XMOS xCORE multicore microcontrollers"

Thanks for reading!!

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