XSCOPE on XEF232-1024-FB374-C40 Device

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XSCOPE on XEF232-1024-FB374-C40 Device

Postby fabian » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:41 am

Hello, everybody,

I'm working on a project using a XEF232-1024-FB374-C40 Device and I'm
having some trouble using XSCOPE via xLink0 on tile[0] while using
xTIMEcomposer 14.3.

While using some examples like AN00239 and running xrun --xscope
--verbose bin/AN00239.xe I can see that setup and application images
are loaded and xSCOPE is enabled on every tile (tile[0] to tile
[3]). Also "First stage multi-node boot completed" is shown.

But there is no terminal output from the applications
debug_printf-code-seqments. Actually xrun stops printing output to
terminal after printing "xSCOPE enabled on tile3 at address 0x4000c".

I enabled XSCOPE according to the guidelines which were mentioned in this forum:
1. Defined Xscope Link in the device XN file
<Node Id="4" Type="device:" RoutingId="0x8000">
<Service Id="0" Proto="xscope_host_data(chanend c);">
<Chanend Identifier="c" end="3"/>
<Link Encoding="2wire" Delays="5clk" Flags="XSCOPE">
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="0" Link="XL0"/>
<LinkEndpoint NodeId="4" Chanend="1"/>

2. Wrote xSCOPEconfig ioMode="basic" enabled="true" into config.xscope
3. Used the build-option -fxscope and
4. Set the Target IO options to xscope.

I tried a lot of examples which all are working fine on the
XCore200 ExplorerKit. But when using my custom-board none of them does.

When using my custom-board with JTAG-IO everything is fine too.

So, are there any hints what I'm doing wrong or is there something I
am missing?

Do you know how I can proof if there is something going wrong with the
xLink0 on tile[0]?

Thank you very much.
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Postby andrewxcav » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:59 pm

I am actually having a similar problem right now. My next debug step is going to be throwing in a few xscope probes, and seeing if I can run the real time xscope in xTimeComposer.

Assuming that works the problem is likely with the print statements and not the underlying xscope communication path.
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Postby Ross » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:33 am

Please attach your full XN file
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Postby Ross » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:54 am

Try adding some delays..

Code: Select all

    <Link Encoding="2wire" Delays="4,4" Flags="XSCOPE">
      <LinkEndpoint NodeId="0" Link="XL0"/>
      <LinkEndpoint NodeId="3" Chanend="1"/>

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