Streaming 100Mbit's from PC to XC-2 Ethernet board?

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Streaming 100Mbit's from PC to XC-2 Ethernet board?

Postby Chendy » Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:52 pm

Hello all,

I intend on getting an XC-2. I want to stream as much data as possible from a PC (Windows or Linux).

I am new to Ethernet and XMOS, so please pardon my ignorance:

1. What is the max data rate I can practically expect to achieve just sending data from PC to one XMOS? (100 Mbit/s?)

2. What protocol is most appropriate/easiest for my needs? I only need a simple low level protocol, I usually work with serial and would if it could achieve high enough data rates. I want to make a very large led display, and so I don't think I want error checking??


I have searched the forums and read any discussion of Ethernet.

I found this post:
which pointed me to:
Socket based TCP/UDP network stack (XSOCKETS):
as well as XMOS documentation:
The XC-Programming-Guide - 6.5 Case Study: Ethernet MII
A Sample Ethernet Application (tutorial):

I plan to use C++ on a computer to drive the boards.
Any words of wisdom, pointers to code examples that achieve 100Mbit/s (ideally for both PC and XMOS) etc would be greatly appreciated.



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