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Interested in new contacts, project opportunities, freelancing, based in United Kingdom.

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Dual Axis Slice Under development Custom Licence 5 04 Aug 2014, 12:06
Slice Cobbler Under development Custom Licence 4 12 Feb 2013, 13:56
Curios 101 Under development Custom Licence 5 11 Feb 2013, 14:22
BotSlice Under development Custom Licence 4 08 Feb 2013, 16:15
Patchslice Under development Custom Licence 5 07 Feb 2013, 01:00

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Graduated in systems engineering many,many moons ago, got sidetracked into software engineering, the internet and servers for a decade then made my way back into software/hardware. Working with MCUs like AVR, ARM Cortex M0/M3 and Cypress PSoc. Rather than spending time with FPGA's I am trying to use XMOS technology to fill the space above micro-controllers and below FPGAa in areas encompassing motor control, power control, communications and low level protocols and coms. I am fascinated by the XC language and am enjoying it's development and progress. One of my passions is opensource hardware and I have some evil plans to bring XMOS technology into those communities..... That is of course whilst I earn a living freelancing and running a small business in this space


Available for commercial and opensource Xmos projects, please feel free to contact me.

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