binutils for XS1

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binutils for XS1

Post by segher »

Version: 0.7
Status: Under development
License: GPL

A port of binutils to the XS1 architecture.

-- all the simple tools work;

-- the disassembler works;

* all ops tested; one issue remains: code addresses are sometimes printed

as "0x0xababab";

-- the assembler works, but needs relaxation;

-- ld works. Should have relaxation as well; should also have some

decent default scripts; there is a known bug with some relocations.
(Note about git: make sure to get the correct branch, "xs1").
Testsuite results: (updated 2013-08-07):
=== binutils Summary ===
# of expected passes 85

# of unsupported tests 6
=== gas Summary ===
# of expected passes 132
=== ld Summary ===
# of expected passes 210

# of unexpected failures 2

# of expected failures 4

# of untested testcases 7

# of unsupported tests 3
(Working on it...)

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Post by Heater »

Perhaps a silly question. What is the motivation for this project given that we already have C/C++ fro XMOS?
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Post by segher »

Why not? I'm having good fun :-)

I wanted to do this for a loooong time, finally got pushed over the edge
when looking at yet another example where LLVM generates rather
stupid code. FWIW, the GCC part is quite easy to do, the binutils part
is more work though. But I'm getting there.

There also a secret plan that requires GCC, maybe I'll tell you about it
later. Or do some detective work if you're really curious...
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Post by Gravis »

this is awesome!
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Post by LyleHaze »

Will this project enable compiling from non-x86 platforms?

I'd love to be able to work from a PPC platform ;)