An electronic schematic drawing program

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An electronic schematic drawing program

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Version: 1
Status: Public release
License: BSD

For a long time, i needed a electronic schematic drawing program. Usually i make the PCB first then draw the schematic only after if required.

I think the schematic of an electronic realization is not as important as the PCB and or prototype. So the user should not need to take a long time for it. The software should allow to draw the schematic quickly and without effort, because what is more important is the PCB.
Here is the result, a free schematic editing program with a user manual and a sample schematic included with it.

The file format is XML which is a modern and handy way of saving informations. The software save in XML and exports finished schematics in PDF and EMF (Enhanced metafile) format.

The schematic can include multiple pages and multiple document.

They is a "undo" command that can rollback the previous 100 editing command and a copy/paste command that work between pages and documents and even different instances of the application.

They is also a component library inside a single configuration file (components.lib) that can be extended and is also in XML format. The component library include for each component a drawing that is a line of postscript language (ie a single line of text can describe the component drawing), the library understand also reference to bitmap files. The library currently include resistor, capacitor, inductor and some other common components.
I would be happy if someone use my program, help to signal bugs, and maybe extend the component library with some drawings.