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how to boot up software from M25P16

Post by susanyin0501 »

in xn file, i add M15P16 connect define (use FL_DEVICE_NUMONYX_M25P16 configuration) , i can compile and write xe file to M25P16, but boot up fail ( no data output on SO pin of M25P16 when power up ). where shall i modify ? thanks
<Package id="0" Type="XS2-UnA-1024-FB374">
<Node Id="0" InPackageId="0" Type="XS2-L12A-512" Oscillator="24MHz" SystemFrequency="500MHz" referencefrequency="100MHz">
<Source Location="SPI:bootFlash"/>
<Bootee NodeId="2"/>
<Tile Number="0" Reference="tile[0]">
<!-- Flash SPI Ports -->
<Port Location="XS1_PORT_1M" Name="PORT_SPI_MISO"/>
<Port Location="XS1_PORT_1B" Name="PORT_SPI_SS"/>
<Port Location="XS1_PORT_1C" Name="PORT_SPI_CLK"/>
<Port Location="XS1_PORT_1A" Name="PORT_SPI_MOSI"/>

<Device NodeId="0" Tile="0" Class="SPIFlash" Name="bootFlash" Type="M25P16">
<Attribute Name="PORT_SPI_MISO" Value="PORT_SPI_MISO"/>
<Attribute Name="PORT_SPI_SS" Value="PORT_SPI_SS"/>
<Attribute Name="PORT_SPI_CLK" Value="PORT_SPI_CLK"/>
<Attribute Name="PORT_SPI_MOSI" Value="PORT_SPI_MOSI"/>
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Post by mon2 »

XCORE-200 can boot from QSPI (default) or standard SPI flash devices. You have standard SPI flash mapped.

Please confirm if you have applied the external pull-up to force the XMOS CPU to boot from standard SPI flash. A value of 4k7 should be used for the pull-up resistor to override the internal pull-down resistors.

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Post by susanyin0501 »

Thanks for your reminding, mon2,
As our board used QSPI flash, XOD4-7 use for data pin, XOD4 is not pulled-up with 4k7.