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May sound like a daft question but where do I buy them in the UK?

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ahenshaw wrote:Now that I have a new startKIT, I thought that I'd get a WiFi slice for a project that I have in mind. I was quite surprised to see that the price (at Digi-Key) is $120.

Apparently, the slices are running at multiples of $40 (i.e., $40, $80, $120). Unfortunately, given the target market of the startKIT, I believe these prices are out-of-line by a factor of about 4 (i.e., $10, $20, $30).
Adafruit has a breakout for TI's CC3300 SimpleLink WiFi module
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We are working on a lower cost WIFI with 802.11 b/g/n slicekit. It is work in progress but may have first prototypes by end of January (pending any delays related to CNY). Will be interested in working with beta testers at that time. More interfaces to follow.

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I'd like to see a bare slice card with a decent sized 0.1" grid of solder ringed holes. Could do a set, one that's just holes, with all the connector pins brought out to connected rows of 3 or 4 holes, others with a smaller grid and pads to solder on common interface connectors. May as well have some with various SMT pad patterns.

What would be extra useful would be a board that has the connection end with pads etched and the rest of it just solid copper so people can mill or etch whatever they want on it.

How about a couple of right angle adapters for the slot, so a card can either fit "folded over" the startkit board or sticking out parallel to it.

I haven't seen any warnings anywhere about not plugging slice cards into a PCIe slot or PCIe cards into a slice card slot. I *assume* that would let out the magic smoke from the card, the startkit or a PC or Mac motherboard if one crossed things up. I wouldn't do that, but I can imagine someone not in the know dinking around and thinking "I wonder what this PCIe x1 card is? I'll just plug it into this $300 motherboard and find out."
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Here is the patch slice I designed and use, help yourself to the source files if you want to do anything slightly different.