The XCore Exchange is a website that aims to provide a forum for individuals and companies to publish, share and discuss designs. We have a set of house rules that governs how you can use this site.

XMOS staff will be active within the community and will endeavour to supply answers and help as much as possible.

House Rules

Using XCore Exchange implies that you abide by the house-rules.

  • XCore Exchange is meant to be used to share ideas, code, and designs. Registered users can upload materials, all users can download materials. In order to make sharing practical, you must explicitly license all designs that you upload to this site; whether they are hardware, software, or documentation. The terms of the license are decided by you and your co-author(s). Possible license agreements include freeware, shareware, GPL, or your own favourite license agreement.
  • Registers users can post on forums. Materials that you post on the forums is publicly available and is deemed to be published under the Creative Commons License, allowing others to reuse this information as long as they credit the source.
  • You are allowed to republish materials by third parties only if their license explicitly allows you to do so. You should not post or download materials that violates copyrights or other rights by third parties.
  • We expect you to treat other members with respect and for content to not be offensive, defamatory, racist or anything else unsolicited. We do not impose editorial control over the contents, and as such all contents of this site is the opinion expressed by the individuals concerned.

We reserve the right to remove materials from this site, or ban people from using this site; for example if we are notified that posting by members has infringed other's rights, or broken other laws or standard etiquette.