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Postby goolem » Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:33 am

Hiya Everyone

I hope you still want inputs in this forum Jason

I like this forum or exchange, i have been browsing over assorted posts and really like what i see :)

My name is Kim Pedersen, im an electronics engineer, who have been working mostly with embedded systems and software for the last 10+ years.

I started tinkering with the Z80 around mideighties, after the release of ZX81 and ZX Spectrum from Sinclair, making different circuitboards that connected to these.
Then on to the 8086/8088, with the release of the PC XT and its ISA or 8-bit XT bus.
Later i went to 68000, and all the 80x86 models making drivers and programs for control-application.

I also touched on the PICs, and is still using these for quick and dirty stuff, loving the dil-6 to dil-18 house sizes, but sometimes cursing the limited programspaces in them, not realizing i cant have everything :shock:

I loved the Inmos Transputer, and was gonna use the T212 or T414 in a project, testing out the joys of massive parallel computing. But never got around to it :(
I was then very happy (still is) when i stumped over XMOS mid 2009, and the XS1 family, now i can, in a cheaply fashion craft boards utilizing multiprocessing.

I still need to buy a developer kit, but that comes when im finishing reading all the manuals, and when i have a crystal clear idea of the workings and timings of the XS1.
Im a bit sceptic about the 64KBytes memory on each core, but with no hands-on experience yet, that is just a concern. I have a tons of ideas i wanna use the XS1-G4's for: Sonar imaging, navigation, dsp-processing etc etc.

With these words i hope to get a lot of new idea here, and maybe also have a chance to give some.
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Postby AtomSoft » Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:34 am

Hello and welcome to XCORE the XMOS community... My name is Jason not to be confused with the main guy here Jason. Im a lonely developer heh... I see you have a ton of experience which is always nice to have. Im sure you will find many friends and partners here.

I also do not own a XMOS yet but know a little something about them and my motto is "If i can do it... anyone can!" heh

Anyway welcome and enjoy your visits and feel reassured knowing that you have people here who can and will, most likely help you; including me ... (if i can heh)

Im shifting over from PICs and some ARM experience. So this isnt too hard... With all your knowledge im sure ill be asking you for help soon :D
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Postby jason » Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:11 pm

Of course! Welcome to the site, glad to have you with us! A great introduction, it is always handy to see what people are interested in, their plans etc - then we can cater for you even better, and it makes it a bit more friendly too.

If you have any questions or such please feel free to personal message me via my profile.

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