Hello from the South of England !!

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Hello from the South of England !!

Postby TheDavidH » Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:39 am


I am an old dog always learning new tricks...
My interest in electronics dates back to when I was 8 years old (I am now aged 62 years)
I've seen it all from when I started with thermionic valves, through to transistors, through to the first microprocessors...

I have done a lot of assembler programming with the Zilog Z80, starting around 1980....
I was multi-tasking the Z80 and 6502 in the early 1980's
I do hardware and software -- more recently with the Zilog eZ80 and the Zneo

Although I am a self-taught electronics engineer, I have been a contract software engineer for the last 20 years or so. I work with safety-critical software for the aircraft industry...
I graduated with a Master's Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Liverpool in 2012 (Never too old to learn..!!)

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Postby infiniteimprobability » Wed Sep 28, 2016 10:25 am

Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your work with xCOREs. They are a lot of fun to program and can do things that you wouldn't expect a process to be able to do - especially on the I/O side.. The hard real-time behaviour to guarantee WCET may be interesting for you too!
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Postby Ross » Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:07 pm

Welcome :)

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