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I've only have had a quick glance at the power board because i currently don't have much time.

A few things that i want to point out:

- Your power traces are still very thin, they should be at least 2-4 times wider, equal to the pad width or slightly smaller/larger.

- Design for manufacturability: don't lay traces very close to other components if there is plenty of space. I see a few traces that are unnecessarily close to component pads.

- Some funny 90 degree corners just right off the component pads that can be avoided.

- Lay decoupling capacitors for the regulators as close as possible to the regulators, some improvement is possible.

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Post by CivilDecline » ... 1cpRDLz5lw

@Ale - Are these sufficient in your opinion? I know they are quite large but the way I was planning on Stacking the boards in the enclosure I should have more than sufficient room.