32x32 Pixel RGB LED Matrix [XCore beginner here]

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browse more analysis of the codes. If this is not the reason why it is not running.
Seems to lack the appropriate c_led_cmds_in. How I can really work processes without a lot of time in the Anayse the codes do not say. A fine example of such code by not Maintaining unusable. If the developer yet active?

I'm trying to get the code to run on the xk-1A.

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#define START_IP_X               0x01
#define START_IP_Y               0x01

#define XMOS_VERSION             0x01
#define XMOS_DATA                0x02
#define XMOS_LATCH               0x03
#define XMOS_GAMMAADJ            0x04
#define XMOS_INTENSITYADJ        0x05
#define XMOS_SINTENSITYADJ       0x06
#define XMOS_RESET               0x07
#define XMOS_AC_1                0x08
#define XMOS_AC_2                0x09
#define XMOS_AC_3                0x0A
#define XMOS_AC_4                0x0B
#define XMOS_CHANGEDRIVER        0x0D
#define XMOS_DSPADJ              0x0E
These codes must have the cmd buffer with appropriate data. The led buffer fills up her own data if the simulation is not active. So I would be expected that if alone firstonce a default image would be visible.

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//#define SHADETESTX
//#define SHADETESTY
//#define GAMMATEST 100
//#define LOGO


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Joined: Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:53 pm

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Yes yes yes :)

[BBvideo 560,340]https://youtu.be/LJflv5kmtKw[/BBvideo]

it works.
However, I still need to explore a little. assignment height and have a wide direct on the driver.
The buffer is filled one-dimensional and of height and wide is the row identified. If you fill the buffer otherwise not true image.
On the video you can clearly see how the frames with BCM. The bar has a brightness of 255 and the rest of 40. Without flickering ;)
The code used is negligible but due to the large buffer memory very much. In addition, the performance is very limited. But it runs it quite well.
I first connected, only the red LEDs because I took the 1 bit configuration of the reference. The project here's running on 8bit ports. The board was built originally for an 8 bit port.