XMOS XK1 modular development board overview

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XMOS XK1 modular development board overview

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Join David May and Ali Dixon as they discuss some of the features of the recent XMOS XK1 development board.

The XK-1 is a low cost development board for exploring event-driven processor designs based on the XMOS XS1-L1 processor.

Multiple XK-1 boards can be linked together in a chain and two I/O expansion areas are provided for connecting additional components to the XK-1.

Even with the addition of more boards, programming them is just as simple as if you were dealing with just one using the XMOS development tools.

Design files for example add-on boards are available, including an SD card reader, a Bluetooth adapter and a Control Card.

XK-1 Board Features * Single XS1-L1 device * 400 MIPS * Eight threads * 64Kbytes RAM * 8Kbytes OTP memory * 128Kb SPI FLASH * Four user-configurable LEDs and two push-button switches * Two 20-way XSYS connectors for XTAG-2 debug adapter and additional XK-1s * Two 16-way IDC headers for connecting additional components * 24 I/O user expansion