YouTube - Official XMOS Channel

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YouTube - Official XMOS Channel

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Check out our awesome new YouTube channel!

There have been a couple of XMOS related YouTube channels floating about in the past, but I have now merged everything into an official XMOS YouTube channel - click this link to view.

If you have an account on YouTube, subscribe to us to get our latest videos, both by XMOS and our community members.

It is great to see what everyone is up to, and some projects are truly awesome which provide great inspiration!

See what people are making with XMOS technology right now!

Also, if you have any videos you would like to add to our fast growing collection please let me know.

If you do not have a video, but have an XMOS based project then why not take a video of it and get in touch with me?

Dont be shy!

They do not have to be commercial quality. As long as we can see what it is doing, aided with a voice-over or good text description, I will be happy to post it up for you.

This will allow you to get feedback on your project too, along with some great exposure.