rFactor and XMOS XC-5

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rFactor and XMOS XC-5

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Version: 1
Status: Just an idea
License: BSD
Download: /files/project_builds/upload.zip

YouTube video: QKp0bWfGU7w
In the video: Racing simulator rFactor and XMOS XC-5 development kit.
How is it done: There is a custom plugin added to the game that gets all telemetry data every frame (up to 90fps). The plugin extracts RPM information and sends it down a virtual RS232 COM port, which gets into the XC-5 board via the USB cable. There is a little XC program running on the XC-5 that drives the LED circle with PWM based on the RPM information. I can't possibly use any more acronyms to look educated.
More information:

Virtual COM port - FTDI D2XX programming guide
Windows API or your favourite source
rFactor example plugins and notes
Thread explaining some issues with rFactor's plugin interface

Downloads contains:

BUILDING.txt - instructions on compiling the plugin DLL and XC-5 firmware
README.txt - this page
source.tar - source for the plugin DLL and XC-5 firmware
plugin.dll.zip - rFactor plugin binary (zipped because current xmoslinkers.org doesn't support files gt 512KB)
firmware.xe - XC-5 firmware binary