TV IR Remote Control

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TV IR Remote Control

Post by Lele »

Version: 1
Status: Public release
License: BSD
Download: /files/project_builds/

TV remote control.

A small project that includes two modules implementing popular IR remote control protocols

(RC5x bi-phase coding and NEC pulse distance modulation) for both transmit (need an IR led) and receive commands (need a photodiode or phototransistor). Key codes need to be customized/learned to fit your tv set, decoder, dvd player...

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Post by phalt »

This is a really cool thing to do with a dev kit :D Nice work!
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Post by ea1ii »

Great job, Lele.
For those interested. After a little bit of reverse engineering (no ocilloscope) I was able to decode an old IR remote from an old Hauppauge! TV PC card.
Data obtained:
Bit rate = 700
Carrier = 37.5 kHz.
Key codes:
#define HPU_BTN_TV        0x0F

#define HPU_BTN_CHAN_UP    0x20

#define HPU_BTN_RADIO    0x0C

#define HPU_BTN_VOL_DW    0x11

#define HPU_BTN_FULLS    0x2E

#define HPU_BTN_VOL_UP    0x10

#define HPU_BTN_MUTE    0x0D

#define HPU_BTN_CHAN_DW    0x21

#define HPU_BTN_SOURCE    0x22

#define HPU_BTN_1        0x01

#define HPU_BTN_2        0x02

#define HPU_BTN_3        0x03

#define HPU_BTN_4        0x04

#define HPU_BTN_5        0x05

#define HPU_BTN_6        0x06

#define HPU_BTN_7        0x07

#define HPU_BTN_8        0x08

#define HPU_BTN_9        0x09

#define HPU_BTN_RESRVD    0x1E

#define HPU_BTN_0        0x00

#define HPU_BTN_MINMZ    0x26
IR unit can be seen here