USB to fiber optic

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USB to fiber optic

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Version: 1
Status: Just an idea
License: BSD

The project consist to control a High voltage CNC machine from a PC.

The machine is for example a Laser engraver , or a plasma arc cutter (the Plasma arc is the most subject to disturb other electronic equipment).

The USB connection is the most easy to use to connect a PC to another peripheral, but is very sensitive to High voltage noise ( produced when the laser or arc is switche on / off).

The project consist of two cards :

- A motor controller with fiber optic control input . which should be robust against electric noise

- A USB to fiber optic adapter used to produce the control information for the motor controller.
The first part of the project is the USB to fiber optic module. This part of the project include :

- USB device characterization

- PC Device driver and DLL for the USB device

- definition of the communication protocol over the optic fiber link ( flow control , data integrity check , resend and retry ). A connected protocol similar to TCP would be appreciated as it offer integrity check and flow control.

-The module card itself is planned to be small , like for example the XTAG adapter. With USB plug on 1 side and duplex optic plug on the other side. The optic plug can be "AVAGO versatile link" (See project of Bianco) or SC standard. The processor used can be XS1-L1 64pin + USB 3300 phy. The fiber optic transmiter and receiver will probably not require many components for they connection to XS1-L1 generic IO (maybe a transistor or a TTL buffer). This point is subject to lab. testing.