SliceKit Lcd Chargen demo

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SliceKit Lcd Chargen demo

Post by myndideal »

Version: 0.1
Status: Under development
License: LGPL
Download: /files/project_builds/

This is my first project here. I just started to write something based on official demo.

Features, demonstration of:

8x8 charset, ascii screen memory (part of the lcd rows), double buffered sprite animation. Lcd driving without huge memory (one scanline buffer).
For demostration of using graphics, I use Gimp drawing tool with C text format export function. The sprite was exported in "RGB16 C-Source image dump", then renamed to .h header , replaced the generated base type only,for union type to be easy to access pixels without any runtime conversion. Thats all.

official "module_lcd" softIP is used by this project. So, you have to add first this modul from xSOFTip explorer to your Workspace.

The LCD slice (XK-SK-SCR480) have to connected to Triangle slot of the SliceKit main board.

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Post by Ross »

NIce little project, thanks for uploading.