ChibiOS for XMOS

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ChibiOS for XMOS

Post by GrizzlyAdams »

Version: 2.5
Status: Under development
License: GPL

From the ChibiOS project:
ChibiOS/RT is designed for deeply embedded real time applications where execution efficiency and compact code are important requirements. This RTOS is characterized by its high portability, compact size and, mainly, by its architecture optimized for extremely efficient context switching.
Having ported ChibiOS/RT to the Marvell Armada / Kirkwood chips, I've started a port of ChibiOS/RT to XMOS Xcore.

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Post by NickE »

The picture with this project appears to be one of those 2.8" TFT LCD screens being controlled by a 16bit interface.  Will you be releasing the results of that project?  It looks very interesting.
Thank you!
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Post by dirk1980 »

Hi, have you finished this project?
Can you share some Code?

I need for a project a RTOS and i prefer ChibiOS but if you are not ready i must use the FreeRTOS port.