SID Emulator on startKIT

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SID Emulator on startKIT

Post by infiniteimprobability »

Version: 1
Status: Alpha
License: BSD
Download: /files/project_builds/

Here's a super quick and dirty port of Fredrik Petrini's awesome SID emulator, for the startkit. 
Connect your audio to port XD0 (LED1 by the SPI flash) to hear it play. Uses simple PWM output to generate audio. Checkout SID.c to see the CPI emulator state machine. 
Done so far:
- I disabled tiles 2/3/4 of the original XC-1/G4 port which were just used as memory servers anyhow. Ie. removed loads of songs unfortunately (but could be re-instated with some work - see below)
- Changed the output port to XD0 (LED1 by the SPI flash) - you will need an RC filter and amp on this. It does sound like it's working though (i put it on headphones to test - a bit low impedance for the port but you can hear it)
- Hacked the buffer size down a bit (883 to 800 words). Maybe that's OK maybe not, but like I say, it plays
Not done yet:
- LED driver update so it works on the 3x3 leds
- Input control to work on pushbutton (or sliders). Currently it just plays the first track.
- Use flashlib so it streams from the SPI flash rather than memory (would free up 18K of data)
Nice little project for other to collaborate on! Anyone interested?


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Post by unuldinei »

Nice project , sir ! Now a MIDI port is waiting to implemented and a sound SID bank .Thanks for sharing .