Simple servo driver

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Simple servo driver

Postby infiniteimprobability » Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:55 pm

Version: 1
Status: Public release
License: BSD
Download: ... tkit_servo

Inspired by bsmithyman's original example from way back, I have developed an updated servo driver module.
It uses a single logical core to produce n channels of servo (where n is the width of your port - eg. 8bits = 8 channels) and is set via an interface.
Seems like a lot of people are playing with servos, so thought it'd be worth adding!
It's also a fairly simple example of using XMOS timers and interfaces, so worth a look if you are new to XMOS.
Tested on startKIT (amazingly my HITEC servos worked fine from 3.3v supply and control line!
The download link is above, but a simple app testing it out can be found in the below link ... /app_servo
[update] - I have thought of a way to improve this to deliver 16 or even 32 channels with jitter/error below the servo resolution by interspersing the pulses rather than reset synchronising them (in theory it could start to show above 8 channels with current software). I'll look at this if there is strong demand - so let me know below in the comments if this sounds useful

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