xCore 200 eXplorerKit - Demo Webapp

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xCore 200 eXplorerKit - Demo Webapp

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Version: 0.1
Status: Public release
License: BSD
Download: https://github.com/r4d10n/xCORE-200/tre ... emo-Webapp

Application for demonstrating the integrated possibilities of the xCore 200 eXplorerKit.

XTCP + Webserver accesible via Gigabit Ethernet
Live streaming and Graphing of Accelerometer readings
Toggle onboard RGB and Green LEDs via the web interface
View status of onboard Pushbuttons

Makes use of AJAX calls to the integrated webserver for status updates. Graphing of Accelerometer readings using SmoothieCharts Javascript Library.
Uses Xmos provided libraries: lib_ethernet lib_otpinfo lib_xtcp lib_webserver lib_i2c