TDM to USB audio

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TDM to USB audio

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Status: Under development
License: BSD

The objective of the project is to obtian a TDM multi microphone array signal by the computer using USB interface. The xCORE -200 audio platfrom is used here. There are 5 input TDM channels and the microphone array in in the master mode. My objective is to do noise suppression and beamforming using Matalb and Matlab data acquisition tool box is used.
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I'm working on a similar project using ev_ICS-52000-ARRAY, which outputs up to 16 channels of audio via an I2S Interface using TDM format. I need to obtain the multi-channel signal in the computer using the USB interface so that it can be processed on real-time via Python/Matlab.

Have you done any progress using a X-CORE solution or other hardware (See USBStreamer)?

USBStreamer: ... sbstreamer