16 MEMS microphones to USB interface

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16 MEMS microphones to USB interface

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Hello folks!
after being helped with many questions in this forum over the last six months, I am happy to give something back to this community.

I have developed a PDM microphone - USB interface for 16 microphones. It offers the possibility to cascade multiple interfaces and increase the number of microphones.

The firmware is based on the reference implementation "app_usb_aud_mic_array", but I removed most of the unused ifdef statements to make the project cleaner. Before cleaning it up, I also created some visualizations of the reference code and its relationships (e.g. function calls, etc.), which I added to the repository.

On the hardware side, I split the system into two parts: Microphones and a base board. The microphones can be connected in pairs to a base board via a CAT cable. The goal was to create a quickly convertible and flexible solution for different microphone array geometries.

A more detailed description and the files can be found here: