Strange output in Debug screen

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Strange output in Debug screen

Postby JohnR » Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:08 am

I am not sure that this is the right forum for my question.
I am using C with version 9.9.2 of the XMOS IDE running Windows on XP SP2.
Setting a breakpoint and examining the generated code usually works as expected, for example, as shown in the following few lines

if ( 0 <= shiftCount ) {
0x0001012a <int32_to_float64+66>: ldc (ru6) r0, i 0x0
0x0001012c <int32_to_float64+68>: ldwsp (ru6) r1, sp
0x0001012e <int32_to_float64+70>: lss (3r) r0, r1, r0
0x00010130 <int32_to_float64+72>: brft (ru6) r0, i 0xe

Sometimes the same breakpoint gives this

if ( 0 <= shiftCount ) {
0x0001012a <int32_to_float64+66>: tsetr (3r) t[r5]:r9, r3
0x0001012c <int32_to_float64+68>: ...
0x0001012e <int32_to_float64+70>: tsetr (3r) t[r5]:r9, r3
0x00010130 <int32_to_float64+72>: ...

Is this some sort of intermediate compiler output? The only way I have found to get the debugger to emit 'normal' output once this mode has occurred , is to shut down the IDE and restart.

Any help would be appreciated,


In converting some C code for use with XMOS

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