XN Documentation?

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XN Documentation?

Postby sjalloq » Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:38 pm

Hey there,

I'm starting out with the IDE and have a few basic questions.

1. When I start a new project I am asked to select my "Board" from the pull down list. How is this list populated and what do I do when I want to use my own board? Do I assume that I just need to copy a relevant .xn file into the configs directory of my install?

2. Where is all the documentation for XN files? There is a little appendix in the Tools User Guide but it is far from complete. For example, the .xn file that is included with the USB reference design has extra Node tag attributes that aren't documented. I want to know what is absolutely required to be in my XN file and what I can optionally add.

Thanks, Shareef.

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