XC -> Xtremely Challenging (just a build failure)

Technical questions regarding the xTIMEcomposer, xSOFTip Explorer and Programming with XMOS.
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Re: XC -> Xtremely Challenging (just a build failure)

Postby AkkiSan » Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:18 am

At least, I can build and download programs. That is half the battle won...

Debugging, no matter if I try this on the hardware (XK-1, XTAG2) or in
the simulator, does not work (most of the time).
(Additionally, I checked the hardware, cleaned it and replaced 2 cracked
capacitors. It "feels" a little more stable now, at least for the hardware part ;)

Well, XDE?
Most of the time, after setting a breakpoint, the disassembly window
shows up, all the registers, expressions, etc..., appear and contain valid
entries, but hitting F5/6/8 or whatever does nothing but showing up
Node 0 XCore 0 Thread 0 (Stepping)
and nothing further happens...
Other (random) message boxes complain about "window is not disposable", "an internal
error occured", "unable to create variable space", and a lot more.
If you come across any bugs or crashes in the XDE, you can submit a support ticket on the xmos.com website.
Well, this is not completely reproducible... It's random.
Sometimes it works "for hours" (...), sometimes it happens as soon as I start it...

I had the best results (almost no failures) with a completely new and
handmade set up project. All the other projects before were derived from the examples.

Sounds promising... I'm almost there! 8)

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Postby mike » Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:43 pm


There are situations in which stepping code will hang - if, for example you attempt to step over a channel input when there is no data available. We are aware of this particular case and, although correct, we'll try to provide a fix for it in the future. If you can try to pinpoint when this happens in your debugging session, e.g. the line of code you're attempting to step, that would be useful to know.

With regard to other errors you're getting, you'll find an error log in the <workspace>/.metadata/ directory called ".log". Again, if it's possible to reproduce these errors, you can submit a ticket and attach this error log and we'll look into it.


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