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Technical questions regarding the xTIMEcomposer, xSOFTip Explorer and Programming with XMOS.
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Debugging two different boards

Postby aclassifier » Sat Mar 24, 2018 11:35 am

I have a startKIT (TARGET = STARTKIT) and an XCORE-200 eXplorer (TARGET = XCORE-200-EXPLORER).

Is there a way to have them both connected to the same machine (I use a Mac) and debug (or run) the code in both simultaneously?

The source is a little different for each, I'll differentiate with an #ifdef of LISTENER or SENDER or some kind of #ifdef? of each TARGET?

Is it possible to start two instances of xTIMEcomposer (like I was able to do that with the ARDUINO IDE that also runs on Java (here))?

If so, wouldn't it clash when they were going to address the same workspace?

Alternative 1. I know I could do it in series: First compile for one platform and FLASH it and let it just run without debug. Then compile and debug the other platform. They are going to talk together over a radio. I could FLASH the sender because I can hear the 433 MHz when full power (some mW) click in my external speakers anyhow.

Alternative 2 is two machines altogether, that I do have. But that makes merging code changes into the primary workspace more error prone.

Probably I haven't even asked the right questions! But I'd like some right answers!-)

Like if this is described somewhere else, then where? (I did not spot anything in the xTIMEcomposer User Guide for tools version 14.0.x)
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Postby Sebastian » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:05 am


I have no idea about xTIMEcomposer, but if you are fimiliar with the commands, [xmake, xrun], you could simply use the terminal of OSx.

xrun -l
display the connected debugadapters.

xrun --id [x] --xscope bin/... .xe

you could run your actual image.
For the second board, just open a second instances of the terminal or even a second tab.
It actually works for me with two boards.
I don't know if there is a limt except the power of your computer.

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Postby aclassifier » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:05 am

Thanks, Sebastian!

But I would prefer to run two boards from the same xTIMEcomposer! With the XCORE being so multi-everything shouldn't my need be logical: On two facets of the same source/project I run one startKIT and one XCORE-200 eXplorer?

However, you spurred me trying harder, Sebastian! So I opened Terminal and did as is described in the Off Topic box below by running the SetEnv and then xTIMEcomposer on a copy of the workspace. Just starting another instance of a JVM-based app isn't just another double-click on the Mac. I had tried another way and I was prompted with workspace already in use. I now debug the two different boards simultaneously in two xTIMEcomposer IDEs! YESS! (OS X 10.11.6). This is about as difficult/easy as doing it on another machine: I will have to synchronise the workspaces by hand (I use ChronoSync for it, and then do Refresh in xTIMEcomposer).
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I do have to use Terminal to FLASH the image when I update the aquarium SW (see here. xTIMEcomposer 14.3.2 FLASHing does not work on macOS Sierra (10.12) or High Sierra (10.12), as that's run on my laptop. On my iMac I downgraded to El Capitan (10.11.6). After this long discussion xTIMEcomposer,Java Runtime JRE and macOS I haven't observed any work on XMOS' side to make life easier for Mac users who want to run the latest macOS (High Sierra). Please tell me I am wrong. I disregard all the smart workarounds in that XCore Exchange thread. Maybe I shouldn't?
Update: I made a summary on how to do this here

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