Ethernet AVB and lldp

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Ethernet AVB and lldp

Postby RichardFoss » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:40 pm

I am using miniDSP PoE AVB speakers (xCore based) for an immersive sound project. I have an 8 port Extreme x440 switch (generation 1) - 8p which indicates power over Ethernet. However it is not enabling connection to the speakers. I contacted Extreme, who were very helpful. After a number of wireshark logs, they indicated the following:

"We have enabled LLDP (Layer 2) classification on the switch site however we don’t hear anything back from AVB speakers. In this case I would suggest to contact XMOS to confirm if these speakers support software-based LLDP classification"

So the question that I have is, how would I enable software based lldp? The speakers work fine with later Extreme (generation 2 switches).


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