lib_ethernet application on AN00199 example

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lib_ethernet application on AN00199 example

Postby Garnik » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:02 pm

Hi all,
I am working with XCORE-200 eXplorer device with the lib Ethernet MAC (version3.3.0) in order to capture ethernet packets. I use the AN00199 (version 1.0.2) example on XTimeComposer (version Community_14.3.3) tool.
The objective is to retrieve the entire Ethernet frame: Preamble, Start Frame Delimiter (SFD) and Frame Check Sequence (FCS) in addition to the usual frame data. Digging a bit in the lib_ethernet code, I tried to find the code behind the call to the get_packet function, and went to the rgmii_ethernet_rx_server function.

I found the “get_packet” case on which I can use breakpoints, but I can’t find the link to “rgmii_10_100_master_rx_pins” in rgmii_10_100_master.xc which seems to contain the code I am interested in (reception of the raw frame with preamble and CRC check).
If I modify the code in the “rgmii_ethernet_rx_server” function I can see the modifications results. If I do the same in "rgmii_10_100_master_rx_pins" I cannot see any result from my modifications.
Adding debug_printf in "rgmii_buffer_manager" function in rgmii_buffering.xc doesn’t change the terminal output.

Can you tell me which code is used to retrieve the Ethernet frames data when “get_packet” function is called?
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Postby CousinItt » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:22 pm

I'm not clear what you mean by "can't find the link" - I can see the call to rgmii_10_100_master_rx_pins in rgmii_ethernet_mac().

If you can't seen any changes in behaviour resulting from your mods, are you sure it's rebuilt correctly? It could be worth cleaning the ethernet library project and then rebuilding.

Are you using the normal or real-time mac?

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