Connection to failed also in Linux

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Connection to failed also in Linux

Postby uth » Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:54 am

Hi, I just installed xTimeComposer, but no libraries, no examples, instead a message "connection to failed". Changing timeout, disabling certificate does not help.

Posted to "Problem Trying To Access Examples, from within xTIMEcomposer", but it is not there, "The requested topic does not exist".

Ping: [200]
DevColumnCorePlugin: online enabled. Ping successfull
BroadcastListeners: addListener: class com.xmos.xsoftip.ui.views.libraries.LibrariesView
WebServices: opening connection (timeout = 1000000): ... e_version=
WebServices: ERROR: No data returned
ERROR: ComponentBrowserView(handleRefreshError): File '/home/art/.xmos/cache/AllAvailableSoftware.xml' does not File '/home/uth/.xmos/cache/AllAvailableSoftware.xml' does not exist
at com.xmos.libs.core.webservices.WebServices.getAllSoftwareXml(Unknown Source)
at com.xmos.libs.core.webservices.DownloadManager$ Source)
at com.xmos.libs.core.webservices.DownloadManager.downloadAnyway(Unknown Source)
at com.xmos.libs.core.webservices.DownloadManager.downloadSoftwareInfo(Unknown Source)
at com.xmos.xsoftip.core.XSoftIP.refreshAvaliableSoftware(Unknown Source)
at com.xmos.xsoftip.ui.views.XSoftIPBrowserView$ Source)
WebServices: opening connection (timeout = 1000000): ... l?&xde_ver
WebServices: ERROR: No data returned

BroadcastListeners: removeListener: class com.xmos.xsoftip.ui.views.libraries.LibrariesView

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