xcore-200 HID OUT endpoint interferes with 768K audio

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xcore-200 HID OUT endpoint interferes with 768K audio

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Hi all,

We have an existing product based on the xcore-200 audio platform and are currently looking at adding a simple OUT endpoint to control a few LEDs from the host. Searching through these forums the optional HID OUT endpoint will suffice. My question is that, considering this product spends most of it's life streaming high audio rates (i.e. 768k) is there anyway a HID endpoint could create clicks or pops in the music when used? I'm assuming it won't but it's good to ask.

Is using a HID OUT endpoint with a few custom commands a reasonable way to do it?


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Hi, Are you using the USB reference design? How many channels of audio?

I have implemented custom HID with the reference design with success. I think if you enable HID in the code, you should be able to easily test it out, as the built-in HID control (if I remember correctly) is a streaming bulk type that supports the standard audio controls like mute, play etc. If this works, it's likely you can then modify that to use in your design.

In my custom design, I modified the descriptor and use HID Feature Report, which does not continually stream data, so this may be a better route if you are concerned about bandwidth and just want to toggle LEDs.