Importing sw_usb_audio-[sw]_6.15.2 into XTC Tools 15.

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Importing sw_usb_audio-[sw]_6.15.2 into XTC Tools 15.

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We're looking at updating our build system from xTIMEcomposer 14.4.1 to the new XTC Tools 15 for some of our current products. Our products are based on the XK-audio-216-MC-AB dev board. The newer XTC Tools 15 doesn't appear to offer the xTIMEcomposer IDE but encourages command line, VS code and Eclipse environments. My main query is our product is designed around the sw_usb_audio-[sw]_6.15.2 firmware package which is designed to work with 14.4.1 xTIMEcomposer, is it possible to import sw_usb_audio-[sw]_6.15.2 projects directly into any of the encouraged XTC Tools 15 environments? What are our options and how what changes would be required?


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I emailed XMOS support and asked about migration for the USB Audio Firmware and other drivers. Their reply was:
I am not aware of any plans to migrate the drivers any time soon. We can only suggest to use the toolchain which fits your purpose.

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XMOS Support
So for now I think it would be best to stick with the older tools when using the firmware.