XMOS User Community Reaches More Than 1000 Registered Users

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XMOS User Community Reaches More Than 1000 Registered Users

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Bristol, UK and Burlingame, Calif. (March 29, 2011) – XMOS®, developer of the industry’s first event-driven 32-bit embedded processor, announced it has passed a major milestone with the 1,000th registration on the popular xcore.com developer community site. Users of the website can take advantage of a host of XMOS-related developer resources including shared project implementation ideas, a community-driven discussion forum, and immediate access to the recently implemented collaborative open source program.

Support for the newly created open source library will speed the development of a wide-range of embedded products using XMOS event-driven processors. Unlike traditional interrupt-driven processors such as ARM, MIPS and Intel, the event-driven XMOS architecture enables systems, including peripherals, to be quickly and reliably built from high-level “C” code components – not as silicon gates.

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http://www.xmos.com/news/29-mar-2011/xm ... developers