Highly anticipated startKIT available now!

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Highly anticipated startKIT available now!

Post by sethu_jangala »

An ultra-low-cost development platform called startKIT is available now at just $14.99 from XMOS distribution partners, startKIT makes it quick and easy to start developing with the configurable xCORE multicore microcontroller technology.

startKIT is equipped with header connections that allow it to interface to Raspberry Pi products, making it an ideal real-time I/O solution for Raspberry Pi projects. Measuring just 94 x 50mm in size, it is based around the 500MIPS, eight-core XS1-A8-64-DEV, an xCORE-Analog multicore microcontroller. The board includes: LEDs; a push-button switch; two capacitive sense sliders; a sliceCARD connector that is compatible with the wide range of I/O slices available from XMOS; and headers that allow connection to a breadboard system.

Checkout startKIT for more details.

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Post by Folknology »

Fantastic news, looking forward to playing with one at Xmos on Thursday.

Will that A chip be available with the built in usb debugging BTW?

Also when will the A chips themselves be available through distribution?

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Post by XMatt »

And as no one else has posted it!

XMOS is running a 'HAPPY XMOS' campaign and is giving away 2500 startKITs to customers who sign-up and qualify, with boards shipping in time for the holiday season.

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Post by DemetriaConnell »

I guess this startKIT is quality and worth to buy. The price is good and sounds reasonable. I appreciate it much for your effort of posting this information. - Aldo Disorbo